Reel of Fortune 
          Ceilidh Band
Providing a contemporary approach to the traditional Scottish ceilidh since 2012...

Reel of Fortune

  Ceilidh Band

About the band...

All who play with Reel of Fortune Ceilidh Band are experienced musicians who are dedicated to providing the best ceilidh experience possible.  We always prefer to offer the full four piece band line up and if anybody is unavailable, we will always source a stand-in from our list of contacts so that the fullest product can be offered.  In the rare occasion that this is not possible, we can provide a three-piece band if required.

The usual line up:

Gareth Black - keyboard/caller

In the summer of 2017, Gareth graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a Bachelor of Music Degree with Education. He began playing piano at the age of 10 and it was always his ambition to be a secondary school music teacher. Currently teaching music in an Angus secondary school, he also teaches piano privately and enjoys performing in the band. Although he is classically trained, his vast knowledge of music allows the band to offer a modern twist to the traditional tunes. The piano is his first study instrument, but he can also play the clarinet and recently took to the accordion. 

Gareth plays a Casio CDP120 and a Casio WK7600 digital piano and can call any of the ceilidh dances.  He also selects suitable music during the breaks and optional DJ set, incorporating the modern songs as well as the known classic party tunes.  

Joe Hibbs - fiddle/mandolin/caller

In June 2016, Joe graduated from the University of Aberdeen with an upper second class BMus (Hons) degree where he specialised in performance, composition and researching the role of fiddle music in Scotland's history.  In addition to an extensive knowledge of classical repertoire for violin, he has a diverse knowledge of the historical and technical styles of Scottish fiddle music.  Joe is a violin and viola teacher for Aberdeenshire Council and teaches at Ellon Academy and feeder primary schools.

As well as playing fiddle, Joe can also call the ceilidh dances and plays mandolin for slower tunes when the full four piece band line up is in place.  The mandolin adds a nice texture to the melody and gels nicely with the sound of the fiddle.

Joe also does the bands' books, so it'll be him who is on the end of the emails!

Matt Clark - drum kit/caller

Matt plays the drums in the band and passed his Grade 8 in with merit in Winter 2013. Matt holds a first class honours degree in Music from the University of Aberdeen and is currently working towards his Masters in Musicology.

In addition to being a classically trained cellist, Matt regularly plays for local song writers, jazz quartets and musical theatre productions and various bands - recently supporting The Red Hot Chili Pipers for their Aberdeen Freshers Week headline performance! 

Through this involvement, Matt is able to bring a variety of styles to the ceilidh band and fuses a traditional drumming style with some modern twists! A keen ceilidh dancer, Matt can also call any of our dances.

Jack Christie - fiddle/guitar/caller

Jack holds a Bachelor of Music and is currently doing a Masters at the University of Aberdeen. He is an active member in the music department playing in various orchestras and societies, but also in other groups in and around Aberdeen. 

Albeit classically trained like the rest of the band, Jack has a strong passion and knowledge of Irish and Scottish traditional music and has played in sessions and Strathspey and Reel societies in the Tayside region throughout his school years. Jack plays both fiddle and acoustic guitar in the band but also helps in dance calling throughout the evening.


Stand-in musicians

Ian Christie - drum kit/keyboard

Ian is currently in his final year of a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Aberdeen, majoring in percussion performance.  He is our back up drummer for when Matthew is unavailable for a function, so the band can continue to provide top quality entertainment! 

Beginning at the age of 12, Ian has played drum kit and percussion for 9 years.  He started his percussion training on drum kit, which then quickly progressed on to learning and understanding a wide range of tuned and untuned percussion.  This diverse, practical knowledge of percussion has been invaluable to his musical training.  Ian has played with band for 2 years and as of August 2017, he has started playing keyboard for the band when Gareth is unavailable.  

Ian has experience in playing at a variety of musical events, such as ceilidh’s, shows and concerts, and although his musical training is classical based, he loves playing ceilidh music with a modern twist!  He is a valued member of the band and it is a privilege to have him on board!

Sam Hay - keyboard

Sam has been playing keys since the age of 6, and over the last 5 years he has been a member of and led various ceilidh bands in Aberdeen City.  Sam's musical interests extend beyond the traditional genre, and he is currently part time studying an Advanced Diploma in Jazz at St Andrews University.  Having Sam in the band allows Reel of Fortune to continue gigging when Gareth has other musical commitments.